Screen Toggler

Rearrange your Mac's Screens.

This is a MacOS application that allows users to rearrange multiple monitor setups when they are horrizonally arranged. This is useful when you plug in your screens and they appear in the wrong layout or when your computer wakes up after sleep.

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EBook Library: Free PDF reader

Read, track & organize ebooks

EBook Library is a powerful app that gives you access to your entire PDF ebook catalog, anywhere and it is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any ebook in your library. The app also has a very fresh and modern app design that makes reading very enjoyable and comfortable for your eyes to read.

Smart Smile Sticker: An iMessage Sticker App

Send your exact smile sticker.

Smart Smile Sticker App allows you to customize the way you react to a conversation: each sticker can be tailored to give you the best messaging experience and this app makes you different from others in a conversation.

Team Time Zone Quick View: Sync with Your Global Team

Keep your teammates time in sync.

Team Time Zone Quick View is an app which helps you to organize and engage across a team spread out over multiple time zones. The app also has a very simple design that makes anyone use this team collaboration app easily.

Smart Stamp Sticker: An iMessage Sticker App

Create and Send Colored Stamps.

Coming Soon on Apple App Store