Obsolete Projects

I'm still proud of building these applications however they are no longer supported.

Active Projects



The all-in-one email testing service for developers, QA testers and product owners.

Streamline your email testing workflow and ensure that your emails will get in the right place at the right time. Trapper allows for secure and reliable testing to help you make the most out of your email sequences.


Coffee Chats

A place for hosts to list how to schedule chats with them.

Checkout the list of people who have offered to do coffee chats with developers entering the industry. Also allows the hosts to keep track of people who no show on these calls.


Smart Smile Sticker: An iMessage Sticker App

Send your exact smile sticker.

Smart Smile Sticker App allows you to customize the way you react to a conversation: each sticker can be tailored to give you the best messaging experience and this app makes you different from others in a conversation.


Team Time Zone Quick View: Sync with Your Global Team

Keep your teammates time in sync.

Team Time Zone Quick View is an app which helps you to organize and engage across a team spread out over multiple time zones. The app also has a very simple design that makes anyone use this team collaboration app easily.